'Sin City 2' Will Pay Tribute To Brittany Murphy, says Rosario Dawson

At this point in the "Sin City 2" news cycle, it's not too much of a stretch to say that we've heard it all before. Robert Rodriguez can't wait to start! All the cast members are ready to go! Etc., etc. Still, we have hope! And it doesn't stop us asking key participants like Rosario Dawson what they've heard about a possible start date.

"I have not heard very much except that Robert [Rodriguez] is still insistent that we’re going to make it and we’re going to make sure to put something in there for Brittany [Murphy] to recognize her," the "Unstoppable" actress revealed. "Unfortunately it’s been so long now and she’s not with us anymore and she was a huge integral part to that first film, it would be important to do that."

"I’m even more inspired to get it done now," she added.

With the actors, filmmakers and fans all on board for the long-delayed, much-discussed potential sequel to Robert Rodriguez's 2005 adaptation of Frank Miller's celebrated comic book noir, the sticking points likely involve studio dollars and scheduling.

Particularly for Rodriguez, who just came off "Machete" and is currently in the midst of "Spy Kids 4," and constantly mentioned in the continuing "Deadpool" discussions. Nevertheless, he has insisted that it will never be too late for a "Sin City 2."

"No, never, but I just don't want to wait that long," he said. "I know Frank doesn't want to wait that long."

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