What Do You Think Of 'The Dark Knight Rises' Title? [POLL]

The Dark Knight RisesJust in case you've been off the grid the last few hours, Christopher Nolan's third Batman movie has a title: "The Dark Knight Rises."

So far, reaction to the film's new moniker has been mixed, with some heaping praise on what it could mean for Gotham's shadowy vigilante and others wondering why it's so similar to 2008's "The Dark Knight." We've hypothesized on what the title could mean for Nolan's third — and possibly final — installment of the Warner Bros. franchise, and even heard from creators around the comics industry about their impressions of the title. Now we want to hear from you!

Do you love the title? Hate it? Now's your chance to tell what you think of it.

Voting in this poll will end Thursday, October 23, at 12 PM Eastern. Make sure to post a comment here (or via Twitter) with your reasons for voting the way you did!

What Do You Think Of "The Dark Knight Rises" Title?online surveys

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