'Deadpool' Update: Adam Berg Closing In On Director's Chair?

DeadpoolEven as some fans are questioning whether or not Ryan Reynolds will wind up in "Deadpool" -- indeed, the actor himself is wondering the same thing -- there are other roles in the comic book adaptation remaining to be filled.

The director's chair is one of the most coveted positions, with "Sin City" filmmaker Robert Rodriguez once considered the front runner for the job. But based on a new report from The Los Angeles Times, it appears that Rodriguez has pulled his name out of the running -- instead, the Merc with a Mouth could be getting a leg up from a very commercial director.

A literal commercial director, it turns out, as little-known Swedish filmmaker Adam Berg is currently considered a leading candidate to direct "Deadpool."

Berg is a mostly unknown quantity in the United States, with his most prominent project being the short commercial film "Carousel" made for Philips Electronics. The two-minute "Carousel" takes place entirely within one take as the camera explores a frozen bank robbery scene. By the end of the camera's journey, the bank heist's true outcome is revealed, providing viewers with an extremely clever and well-crafted twist.

The filmmaker is said to be a favorite among "those making 'Deadpool'" as well as Reynolds himself, giving Berg the edge in the race towards the movie's director's chair. His involvement is far from official, of course -- as is Reynolds' own involvement -- so keep it locked into Splash Page as more news develops on the "Deadpool" front.

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