'Batman 3' Searches For Female Lead, But Is It Catwoman?

CatwomanWith Tom Hardy locked and loaded for a lead role in "Batman 3," attention has turned not just to who he's playing in the film, but also the other actors that are lining up to join him in Christopher Nolan's third excursion to Gotham City.

A report over at Moviehole suggests that we could see another round of casting announcements quite soon, as Nolan has reportedly started taking meeting with actresses in their late 20s and early 30s for the female lead in "Batman 3."

It's currently unknown which role these actresses are meeting for — indeed, Moviehole states that the actresses themselves are out of the loop, as Nolan and Warner Bros. executives are keeping a tight lid on the part and, understandably, the project in general.

According to the report, it's entirely likely that Catwoman is the part that Nolan is trying to hammer down. "Some of the beauties coming in to chat with Christopher would suggest that," an unnamed source tells Moviehole, who claim to know a few of the actresses meeting with Nolan, though no identities have been revealed as of yet.

With the death of Rachel Dawes in "The Dark Knight," the "Batman" franchise is certainly in need of a new female lead. But is Catwoman the right replacement? Some have yet to shake Halle Berry's widely panned "Catwoman" adaptation from their minds, while others remain more hopeful. Several cast members, including Morgan Freeman, have thrown their support behind the feline fatale. But until more information is available, it's best to keep considering Catwoman's involvement as a rumor.

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