Batman & Robin Get Ambushed By Solomon Grundy In This Rare 'Legends Of The Super Heroes' Clip!

More than a decade after the campy "Batman" series left the airwaves, Adam West and Burt Ward reprised their roles in 1979's "Legends of the Super Heroes," a two-part miniseries (emphasis on "mini"). The special saw the dynamic duo teaming up with costumed colleagues like the Flash and Green Lantern to face against the Riddler (once again portrayed by Frank Gorshin), Mordru, Weather Wizard, and other villains.

The episodes are now available on DVD through the Warner Archive site, and we have an exclusive taste of the retro excellence. In the clip below, Batman and Robin run into a bit of car trouble, but manage to make it to a garage. However, their luck turns when they discover who their mechanic is...

"Legends of the Super Heroes" is available now.

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