Wesley Snipes Wants To Play 'Blade' Again... If Another Actor Doesn't Get There First

BladeHas the "Blade" franchise been staked through the heart, or is the Marvel Comics property merely hiding out from the daylight in some far-off coffin in the hills? The answer remains unclear, especially to series lead Wesley Snipes.

In an interview with Deadline, Snipes said that he's still interested in breaking out the garlic and slaying some vampires as the ruthless Blade, but he hasn't heard much about a fourth film recently — except for what he's read online, that is.

"Maybe we get around to doing another Blade, except, from what I’m reading, every other actor is talking about playing him, and nobody is talking to Wesley," he said. "How strange that they don’t come and talk to me about it."

We can't account for a list of "every other actor" who has expressed an interest in "Blade," though "The Losers" and "Thor" star Idris Elba recently revealed that he would love to take a crack at the vampire hunter some day. But perhaps the actor spoke too soon, as Snipes clearly still has a stake in the "Blade" series.

"There are some things we really want to do that we didn't get a chance to do," he told MTV News earlier this year. "The first and the second one were experiments, and we started to get better. If we do another one, it will reflect our maturity and our better understanding of the genre."

Even though Snipes wants to continue on with "Blade," it's possible that the franchise has moved on without him; last year, David Goyer told us that he's heard "murmurings" of a "Blade" reboot sans Snipes. Who knows, perhaps Snipes could have a cameo in that alleged Deacon Frost trilogy.

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