Eliza Dushku Talks 'Dollhouse' Comics And Joss Whedon's Busy 'Avenging' Schedule [UPDATED]

Eliza DushkuDespite the fact that Fox canceled "Dollhouse," Joss Whedon seemed to want to continue the universe by writing a comic book that connected the unaired "Epitaph One" episode from season one to the series finale, "Epitaph Two." The two episodes took place 10 years in the future in a post-apocalyptic world that Echo (Eliza Dushku) and the other people involved in the Dollhouse world had to save.

[UPDATE: Dark Horse editor Scott Allie clarified the past, present, and future of "Dollhouse" comics in a subsequent interview with MTV News. Apologies all around for any inaccuracies/misunderstandings re: "Dollhouse" comics. -RM]

The comic was released last week in the "Dollhouse: Season Two" DVD and Blu-Ray boxed sets, but there was one important person who missed the exciting news: leading lady Eliza Dushku. When I caught up with her over the phone to talk about the Season Two release, she pondered the potential continuation of the "Dollhouse" storyline in comic book form.

"That's so cool. I haven't seen it. I'm telling you about my news and you're telling me this news," Dushku told MTV News, referencing an earlier account of her time on the set of "The Big Bang Theory" television series. "I remember people always asking me if this would be a comic, and asking Joss, and he said he didn't think so — but I'm now Googling it. That's so cool."

Previously, Whedon had said that he was waiting on giving the go-ahead for a "Dollhouse" comic book because he wanted to make sure "they can draw Eliza the way she looks in real life... Other than that, it’s not really worth it."

Since Dushku hadn't seen the comic yet, she wasn't able to speak to whether she thought it was an accurate representation, but she did appreciate the fact that the attention to detail was part of the reason it took so long to make the book.

As to whether there could be more "Dollhouse" comics in the future, Dushku said Whedon's current to-do list might get in the way — but she wasn't counting out the possibility.

"Maybe," she said. "He's Avenging right now, [so] I think he's got his hands full over there. But you never know."

What do you think, "Dollhouse" fans? Would you rather see more storylines from the 2009 universe or dystopian 2019 universe? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!

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