'Spider-Man' Reboot Casting Young Peter Parker & The Lizard's Son!

Spider-ManThe "Spider-Man" series reboot is spinning all kinds of casting webs with actors Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans lined up for major roles — but Garfield won't be the only actor nursing a radioactive spider-bite when Marc Webb's reboot lands in theaters in 2012.

According to Moviehole, Sony executives are seeking "a dark-haired Caucasian boy" to play a four- to six-year-old Peter Parker, with the young actor ideally resembling Garfield. The part is presumably somewhat minor, as "Spider-Man" is said to focus on Parker's experiences as a young college student.

Little Peter isn't the only young character in the film, as Sony is also searching for a child actor to play Billy Connors, the son of Doctor Curt Connors — a part that supposedly belongs to Ifans, according to a report last week. Applicants for the role of Billy Connors need to be between eight and eleven years old.

As Curt's son, Billy is understandably put through the ringer with some alarming regularity. At one point in comic book lore, the young boy transformed into a reptilian sidekick to his father's alter-ego, The Lizard. Later, with his Lizard persona in full effect, Connors mutilated and ate poor Billy, effectively destroying any shred of humanity left inside of the tragic scientist.

Whether the "Spider-Man" reboot goes down such a dark path remains to be seen, though the death of Billy Connors could plant the seeds for the similarly brutal demise of Gwen Stacy in a future installment of the franchise. Still, the idea of a young boy getting eaten by his father in a major summer superhero blockbuster doesn't exactly sound kid-friendly, to say the least.

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