Bradley Cooper Says He's Not 'The Flash,' But Do You Believe Him?

Bradley CooperBradley Cooper is not The Flash. Or is he?

Despite rumors running rampant that the "Hangover" star is Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment's favorite choice to star as Barry Allen in the forthcoming superhero movie, Cooper himself insists that there's no truth to the alleged casting. In fact, he hasn't even heard of the project.

"I've never heard anything about it ever in my life," Cooper told Superhero Hype when asked about the rumors. When informed that the idea of his casting had become widely reporter online, he added: "It's funny."

So, is Cooper out of the running? Not so fast.

In May of 2009, Cooper found himself caught in an awkward situation when he accidentally confirmed to a reporter that he was playing Templeton "Faceman" Peck in Joe Carnahan's remake of "The A-Team." Instead of copping to the accidental confession, however, Cooper completely backtracked on his admission less than a week later.

"A guy came up to me and asked about the character Faceman in 'The A-Team,'" he recalled. "I said 'Oh, that's out there already?', but my point was that news about the film is out there. Literally that people knew about Carnahan and the remake, that's it. I haven't read a script or met Joe Carnahan."

Lo and behold, Cooper was announced as Faceman less than a month later.

It's certainly possible that Cooper, a rumored frontrunner for "Green Lantern" before losing out to Ryan Reynolds, hasn't heard anything about "The Flash." But the actor, an undeniable favorite in the Warner Bros. community, doesn't have a squeaky clean track record when debunking his own rumors, either. We'll likely know one way or the other before too much longer, but if you're a fan of Cooper as Barry Allen, don't give up so quickly — there's always a chance he'll wind up in the flick.

Do you think Cooper is being honest about his lack of involvement with "The Flash," or do you still believe the rumors? Tell us what you think in the comments section and on Twitter!

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