'30 Rock' Live, 'Angry Birds,' And Halloween Costumes In Today's Twitter Report

Angry BirdsThe live edition of "30 Rock" Thursday recouped some viewers for NBC Thursday night, and it attracted plenty of attention in the comics community as well. Mike Shoemaker, Mark Waid and Ivan Brandon caught the show and posted some reactions.

It's also been another great day for art and costumes, with a couple more pieces from Terry Moore and Yildiray Cinar appearing, and Cully Hamner sharing an NYCC photo he took with a female Blue Beetle cosplayer. Check it all out down below along with the twisted tale of Bryan Hitch's dream from last night.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for October 15, 2010.

@cully_hamner http://yfrog.com/4btiedj This young lady at NYCC had an AWESOME Blue Beetle dress...

-Cully Hamner, Artist ("Red," "Blue Beetle")

@TerryMoore Francine & Katchoo tried on their Halloween costumes today. Can we borrow a rake? http://twitpic.com/2xol90

-Terry Moore, Writer/Artist ("Echo," "Strangers in Paradise")

@eliopoulos I now have Angry Birds on 4 different devices. Why? No clue.

-Chris Eliopoulos, Artist/Writer/Letterer ("Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers," "Misery Loves Sherman")

"30 Rock" pt. 1: @shoemakermike Congrats to all my 30 Rock friends. Was backstage for the live east coast version and it was awesome.

-Mike Shoemaker, Writer ("Adventure Comics")

"30 Rock" pt. 2: @ivanbrandon i know 30 rock was on tonight, but i want to talk about when it was on last week and jack donaghy called rob reiner "meathead".

-Ivan Brandon, Writer ("Viking," "NYC Mech")

"30 Rock" pt. 3: @MarkWaid "Rebonulator." Heh. #30RockLive

-Mark Waid, Writer ("Kingdom Come," "Irredeemable")

@ycinar ELEKTRA sketch from NYCC 2010 http://twitpic.com/2xr4ya

-Yildiray Cinar, Artist ("Legion Of Super Heroes," "Noble Causes")

Deep Thought for the Day:

@THEHITCHFACTORY Last night I dreamed I was forced bybthe govt to have all my molars removed. John Hamm was assigned the task using meathooks and a chisel.

-Bryan Hitch, Artist ("The Ultimates," "Captain America: Reborn")

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