John Malkovich Contextualizes 'Red' Role With U.S. Tests In Guatemala

After Sam Raimi's fourth Spider-Man movie bit the dust, John Malkovich was left without a part. The actor didn't get to play The Vulture, but he did get to play Marvin Boggs in "Red." Malkovich described the role thoughtfully, as a well-meaning man whose life was altered by government experiments. He even used the United States' recently outed syphilis experiments in Guatemala to provide a historical footnote.

"[Marvin]'s probably someone who, if not bright, can certainly follow his little obsessions, and in terms of this story he was supposedly one of the CIA's own people that they experimented on with LSD," Malkovich told MTV News, "and of course seeing what came out about our little experiments in Guatemala, whatever 40, 50 years after — I mean this we know happened.

Malkovich thought through what dealing with such an experience would do to his character, and as you can tell from footage in the film's trailers, Boggs is one of the more eccentric members of his team. Despite that, Malkovich maintained that he's still an asset.

"So he's a bit odd, but with quite good instincts, I think, generally," the actor explained.

That's not to say that the LSD hasn't taken its toll on Boggs to some extent, but the final result of Malkovich's process is a man living with that history.

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