Hilary Swank Vs. The Invincible 'Iron Man' Casting Rumor

Years ago before anyone had seen Robert Downey Jr. in his first "Iron Man" film, Hilary Swank became a topic of conversation surrounding a rumored cameo and subsequent role as She-Hulk or Black Widow. Two films into the franchise and one Avi Arad confirmation later, we now know that she was never cast in the Marvel Universe to begin with, and she still doesn't know why — though she fought the speculation to the point of asking IMDb to take down the credit.

"Yeah, it was all over the press, and everyone kept asking me," Swank told MTV News.

To this day, she's not even sure where the information first came from. At the time however, enough people were talking about the alleged cameo that she had to address the subject with her agency.

"I kept saying to my agent, I said, 'Are you guys hiding an offer from me? Are you keeping this for another client of yours? What's going on?'" she explained.

Eventually, it reached the point where she just wanted her association with "Iron Man" to be removed from IMDb, and though her name has long since been absent from the movie's credits on the site, she said they were initially reluctant to fulfill her request.

"No, and then I actually called, like IMDb, and I said, 'You know, I'm not doing this,' and they still didn't take it off," Swank said.

Apparently rumors are hard to get detached from on the go-to guide to credits in the film industry. So remember that the next time you're trying to get Hollywood to think you're playing Wasp or Hercules in Joss Whedon's "Avengers." Maybe you'll get up there for a few moments of fame.

Who would like to have seen Swank play if she'd received a part in "Iron Man"? Do you think there's a role she'd be good for in the Marvel U? Let us know in the comment section or on Twitter!