Stan Lee's Advice To 'Spider-Man' Star Andrew Garfield

The long process of casting the lead in the next "Spider-Man" movie ended earlier this year when actor Andrew Garfield was officially announced as the new Peter Parker. Still, it's safe to assume that the learning process has just begun for the young actor, as bringing everyone's favorite webslinger to the big screen requires more than just an occasional snappy remark.

That's why, when I sat down with Stan Lee during New York Comic Con, I made sure to ask the co-creator of Spider-Man what advice he had to offer Garfield about playing Spidey and — more importantly — his all-too-human alter ego, Peter Parker.

"The best way to bring Spider-Man to the screen is to make it seem very natural — just to be a very simple, everyday, ordinary kid who happens to be good at science and wishes he were more than he is," Lee told MTV News.

"He wishes he were more popular with the guys," he continued. "He wishes the girls would pay a little more attention to him. He wishes he could make more money, because he worries about his aunt who has to pay the rent, and it's kind of tough for her. He doesn't want her to lose her house."

According to Lee, the essence of playing a believable Peter Parker is not so much in the super-powers and snappy comebacks, but in finding your inner, awkward teen.

"He should have the kind of concerns that so many teenagers have," said Lee. "The thing about Spider-Man, one of the things that makes him so popular, is the fact that you can relate to him."

"He's not that different from the average guy, except he's able to crawl on walls and swing on webs," he laughed.

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