'Deadpool' Won't Work Without Ryan Reynolds, According To Script Review

DeadpoolRyan Reynolds has yet to make a decision between "R.I.P.D." and "Deadpool," but if the actor passes on the latter project, "Deadpool" is as good as dead — at least, that's what's indicated in a new review of what's reported to be a recent draft of the script.

Cinema Blend has posted a glowing review of an alleged "Deadpool" screenplay written by "Zombieland" co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, describing it at one point as "Van Wilder" meets "Kill Bill" and again later as the darkest aspects of "The Dark Knight" married with the fun of "Iron Man."

"If Quentin Tarantino wrote a superhero movie, it would be a lot like this script," reviewer Josh Tyler surmises of the "Deadpool" screenplay.

"The thing is, it'll only work with Ryan Reynolds," he continues. "The character of Deadpool is written in his voice, his style, and when you read it, it’s impossible not to hear him talking in your head. It’d never work with anyone else but if Reynolds really steps up and takes on the role, it could be the defining moment of his career. Deadpool could become a pop culture icon; he could be Ryan’s Captain Jack Sparrow. He’s that good."

According to the review, "Deadpool" deals with the character's "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" connection by mocking it, as though Deadpool "exists in a world where 'Wolverine' is a movie that he's seen, and hates." The screenplay disconnects completely from "Wolverine" and spends a good portion of the movie "endlessly poking fun at the celebrity of Hugh Jackman."

But there are still connections to the greater "X-Men" universe, as Colossus is said to have a major role in the film, occasionally playing the straight man to Deadpool's unhinged antihero. Other characters including Blind Al make appearances. Additionally, Deadpool's scarring is said to be a major plot point in the film.

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