'Nightmare On Elm Street' Reboot Director Set To Helm 'Tumor' Adaptation

TumorAn inoperable brain tumor leaves an elderly private detective with time-bending hallucinations and nothing to lose. In taking one last mission—to find a drug boss’ missing daughter—Frank Armstrong may redeem himself for failing to stop his wife’s murder years ago, if his senses don’t betray him before time runs out.

It comes as no surprise that Hollywood players might see box office potential in the aforementioned plot, and in fact, Variety reports that one Tinseltown team you’ve never heard of is looking to launch itself on this distinctive detective story.

Formed by veteran exhibitor Daniel Crown and indie producer Daniela Taplin Lundberg, the newly assembled Red Crown Productions has secured Sam Bayer ("Nightmare on Elm Street") to direct an adaptation of “Tumor”, an Archaia Entertainment graphic novel by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Noel Tuazon.

Taplin Lundberg spoke to the trade on the significance of the choice.

"With studios tightening budgets and the number of films they're greenlighting, we think there's a great opportunity for premiere types of specialty projects," said Lundberg. "The studios are largely willing to make their big bets on franchises these days."

Barry Josephson (“Life As We Know It”) is set to produce. No word on when the “specialty project” — the source material of which is also an Amazon Kindle comic — is set to begin production.

Before the Jackie Earl Haley helmed "Nightmare" even had a chance to fizzle at the box office, Bayer spoke on salivating over Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's "The Boys" as a potential project. "Anchorman" director and SNL writing alum Adam McKay has since been sighted as the frontrunner to direct an adaptation of the comic.

Will "Tumor" thrill or fizzle on the big screen? Did you see the "Nightmare On Elm Street" reboot? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!