'Smallville' Updates: First Look At Lois Lane As Isis, Teri Hatcher Confirms Role

SmallvilleEven though it's the final season of "Smallville," it looks like there's plenty of new characters, cameos, and surprises in store for fans as The CW wraps up the record-breaking 10th season of the series.

Over at TV Guide, they've posted an image of Lois Lane (Erica Durance) as Isis, the Egyptian goddess who made her live-action debut alongside Captain Marvel in a 1970s television series and eventually earned a spot in DC's comics universe. According to the site, the October 22 episode "Isis" will feature "an ancient artifact [that] transforms the reporter into the Egyptian goddess Isis, who has powers that rival both Clark's and Green Arrow's."

The report also features a quote from "Lois & Clark" actress Teri Hatcher, who was previously rumored to play Lois Lane's mother in an upcoming episode, confirming the role she'll play in the November 12 "Smallville" episode.

"I'm at a place where I feel a lot of sentimental attachment to that character, to the show, to the genre of that timeless story, so I was really flattered that they asked," said Hatcher.

On the subject of Hatcher's cameo, Durance explained how her character's deceased mother will play an important role in her development as Superman's love interest.

"Lois is dealing with how she fits into Clark's life now that she knows his secret, so [viewing a tape of her mother] helps her," said Durance.


"Smallville" airs Fridays at 8 PM Eastern on The CW.

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