Dan Fogler Channels Alfred Hitchock (On Acid) For 'Moon Lake' Graphic Novel

Dan Fogler is probably best known these days for his roles in "Fanboys" and "Balls of Fury," but it's his role as writer and director of "Hysterical Psycho" that set the stage for his first project in the comics world, Archaia's "Moon Lake" graphic novel.

I had a chance to sit down with Fogler during New York Comic Con to discuss the book, have a few laughs, and take a little tour of "Moon Lake" with the creator as my guide.

"It's like an anthology," said Fogler of how "Moon Lake" connects with the world he created for the wild horror film he wrote and directed. "'Hysterical Psycho' could be one of the many stories that happen at Moon Lake."

"The region of Moon Lake has been inherently evil since the beginning of time," he intoned in classic horror-narrator voice. "It's intertwined with our own history."

While Fogler will contribute a story of his own creation to the collection, "Moon Lake" will also feature six different stories by some of the best and brightest storytellers from the world or horror comics. For example, "Hack/Slash" creator Tim Seeley will contribute a story titled "Camp Sasquatch," about a "group of randy camp counselors [who] have a close encounter of the Sasquatch kind."

Promising everything from zombie dinosaurs (because regular dinosaurs weren't scary enough) to a mass-murdering cheerleader, "Moon Lake" hits shelves this month — just in time for Halloween.

"In the movie, I play the narrator, who is The Man in the Moon, literally," said Fogler. "He's this obese, Hitchcockian, moon-cheese-eating character who lives in the moon and retells all of the stories of Moon Lake. In 'Hysterical Psycho,' I voiced him, so we hope this translates into something like a 'Tales From The Crypt' on crack, or 'Hitchcock Presents' on acid..."

Moon Lake

Moon Lake

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