'Avatar' Villain Stephen Lang Wants To Play Cable In An 'X-Men' Film

CableBetween the currently shooting "X-Men: First Class," a planned "Wolverine" sequel and the developing "Deadpool" film, 20th Century Fox is working hard to keep the "X-Men" franchise alive. Does that mean there's room for a movie based on Cable, the part-cybernetic telepathic mutant soldier from the future? Perhaps — and if so, there's an actor interested in playing him!

Screen Rant spoke with "Avatar" and "Conan" bad guy Stephen Lang at New York Comic Con this past weekend, and the actor revealed that he has his eye on Cable.

"One of [my] boys mentioned to me — he says, 'Hey pops, they're talking about you for Cable,'" said Lang. "I said, 'Who would that be?' And so he Googled him for me and I saw him and I thought, 'Oh wow, he's cool.'"

"I'm there," he continued when asked if he would play Cable in an "X-Men" film. "Sure, why not. I'd be happy to. You read it all, everything that comes across. And if it makes sense, if it's a cool character, if it's a theme you want to explore... sure."

Lang is already in the Fox family thanks to "Avatar" and his forthcoming role on the television series "Terra Nova," but does that increase his chances for playing Cable? Maybe, maybe not. If nothing else, he has the endorsement of Cable co-creator Rob Liefeld, who voiced his support for the actor earlier this year.

"Dear 20th Century Fox, please sign [Stephen] Lang as Cable and put him in your next X-Men film," Liefeld wrote on Twitter in January, adding: "Lang's performace as Quaritch in Avatar was brilliant. Just attach a cyborg arm to him and presto! He's Cable. Perfect age too."

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