M. Night Shyamalan Says 'Unbreakable' Reactions Have Changed For The Better Over The Years

We here at Splash Page and the greater MTV community have long advocated for a sequel to "Unbreakable," director M. Night Shyamalan's 2000 feature film about a man who learns that he's super strong and practically invulnerable. But while we have always been big fans of the comic book inspired movie, it wasn't always a well-received work.

"It was initially hating," Shyamalan told MTV News about the initial reaction to the film. "If we were hanging out back then, you would have heard people saying 'Unbreakable' sucks. You'd hear them openly going at me about it."

As time went on, the negative reaction to "Unbreakable" began to change, as Shyamalan revealed: "[Eventually] some people would say, 'I know some people didn't like it, but I really loved it.' It's a transition, almost like stages of mourning or something like that. Then you get to the place four years later where people start running across traffic when I get out of a car and you hear tire squeaks. People come running saying '"Unbreakable" is my favorite movie of all time! I'm going to buy the Blu-ray and DVD!' I can't just stand in a parking lot while you go and buy a DVD, but I appreciate it!"

"It's definitely changed," he continued. "That group came, then it's almost like the group that didn't get the movie and were disappointed that it wasn't a scary movie got quiet. The group that loved the movie, who was very quiet, became vocal."

Shyamalan, who just celebrated the film's 10 year anniversary with a special New York Comic Con panel, has fonder memories of the film now, but he confessed that the initial reactions were hurtful.

"If they made fun of me or something, you just take it. I kind of smiled," he said. "You just go home and then you get upset about it there."

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