EXCLUSIVE: Frazer Irving's 'Monsters' Poster - Get Your First Look Here!

MonstersIn writer/director Gareth Edwards' "Monsters," a cynical photojournalist is tasked with escorting his employer's daughter across "The Infected Zone," a large area of Mexico populated by alien creatures. The low-budget project has received heaps of praise from movie critics for combining impressive effects with a tone that's more travelogue than traditional sci-fi/horror — and now there's a hook for comic fans, too.

In what's becoming a trend I heartily endorse, the film has a brand new poster designed by a well-known comic book artist, and you can get your first look at it here!

The new "Monsters" poster was created by artist Frazer Irving, who first caught my eye with his work on Marvel's "Silent War" miniseries, but has had a long career in the comics world — most recently on Grant Morrison's "Batman & Robin." The new poster was created for the upcoming release of "Monsters" in theaters October 29, though the film is available now on Video On Demand, iTunes, Amazon, VUDU, Playstation, and Xbox.


Pretty great, eh?

If you like what you see, make sure to check out some of Irving's other projects, including "Gutsville" (another favorite of mine), "Days Missing" (a brilliant series from Archaia Comics), and the 2000AD series "Necronauts," among others.

Of course, you should also check out "Monsters" on October 29 in theaters or via any of the aforementioned on-demand services. I saw the film a few months ago and was amazed by what Edwards was able to do on such a low budget (reportedly, something around $15,000). It's definitely worth checking out — and the fact that they went to Irving for this poster makes me feel even better about it!

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