New York Comic Con Chaos, Steven Seagal, And 'X-Force' Variant Covers In Today's Twitter Report

Steven SeagalConvention seasons are always fun because the pre-show hustles through airports and hotels get comics creators tweeting about what annoys them the most. Whether it's alarm clocks, body odor or people in general, Rick Remender, Scott Kurtz and Cameron Stewart have all been prepping for New York Comic Con, and they aren't alone with their tales of frustration.

With any luck, the good times will start rolling for all of them when the show kicks off tomorrow in Manhattan. Until then, you can find out more about their struggles below, along with Francis Manapul's take on Steven Seagal's "Lawman" and how much Rob Liefeld's willing to pay for an "X-Force" variant cover.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is your Twitter Report for October 7, 2010.

NYCC pt. 1: @Christosgage Dear hotel guests: if you set your alarm please TURN IT OFF before leaving so the next guest isn't jarred awake by morning drive time DJs.

-Christos Gage, Writer ("Union Jack," "Absolution")

NYCC pt. 2: @Remender Quit pushing credit cards and start handing these savages deodorant. Smells like a hairy dude from 1973 post key party.

-Rick Remender, Writer ("Fear Agent," "Punisher")

NYCC pt. 3: @pvponline Flight from Dallas to NYC means a flight full of stupid accents that make people sound ignorant. #y'all #fugeddaboutit

-Scott Kurtz, Writer/Artist ("PvP")

NYCC pt. 4: @MarkBrooksArt So far, the Paramount Hotel in NYC is getting an 'F'. 2 lost boxes of books so far. I know they were delivered but the hotel lost them.

-Mark Brooks, Artist ("Cable & Deadpool," "Dark Reign: Young Avengers")

NYCC pt. 5: @cameronMstewart Hey, um, alarm clock, if I could ask you a small favor, it's please don't fail to go off the MORNING I HAVE TO FLY TO NEW YORK AAAAAAA

-Cameron Stewart, Writer/Artist ("Batman and Robin," "Sin Titulo")

@robertliefeld I paid $40 bucks for my X-Force variant. Hopefully you can get yours cheaper....

-Rob Liefeld, Writer/Artist ("X-Force," "Youngblood")

@FrancisManapul Whoa. Watching Steven Seagal Lawman. It's like cops. Only with Steven Seagal. Waiting for him to start breaking necks.

-Francis Manapul, Artist ("Adventure Comics," "Witchblade")

Deep Thought for the Day:


-Corey Lewis, Writer/Artist ("Sharknife," "Seedless")

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