Warren Ellis' Most-Anticipated 'Red' Scenes: Office Brawls, F-Bombs, And Ernest Borgnine

Red - Bruce Willis and Karl UrbanEDITOR'S NOTE: With "Red" hitting theaters October 15, we're kicking off the next two weeks of coverage with five days of guest columns from writer Warren Ellis, co-creator of the 2003 "Red" comic book with artist Cully Hamner. Join us all week for original columns from Ellis that will look at the origins of the comic, his favorite scenes, and much, much more! -RM

Warren Ellis' Most Anticipated Moments In The "Red" Movie

Things I'm looking forward to seeing in the "Red" movie, when I finally get to see it (I can't make it to America this month, so I'm missing the prequel. I'll probably have to watch it on cable some time in 2014, with a bowl of tear-dampened popcorn in my lap);

The fight in the office in Langley. Because I was there for part of that. By which I mean I spent a couple of hours watching Karl Urban's stuntman throw Bruce Willis through a desk. Again. And again. While Mr. Willis' stuntman drank coffee and watched.

I like to think that Karl Urban was back at the hotel with a drink, smiling at the very idea of having to spend several hours smashing Bruce Willis into a desk when there was clearly someone else available to do it for him.

Brian Cox's first big scene with Bruce Willis. I actually watched the dailies on this one, in the editing suite at Toronto, and Brian Cox does, what, at least five or six minutes of dialogue, in one take, no cutting (Mr. Willis was sitting opposite him, doing his own lines, but the footage I saw was locked off on Brian Cox), straight up without a single hesitation or misstep. Not only is it a masterful piece of work, but it's also bloody funny.

Also, I want to see if they kept in the F-bomb that Mr. Willis dropped during this sequence. There was a pool between the actors on who dropped it first, and I don't know if Mr. Willis got caught.

Basically, any bit where John Malkovich gets to use guns. He did love the “utensils,” as he called them.

And the bit where Ernest Borgnine gets into Airwolf.

Okay, I made that bit up.

— Warren Ellis

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