ADAPT THIS: Guest Editor Warren Ellis Reveals The Comic Book Adaptations He'd Like to See!

Warren EllisEDITOR'S NOTE: With "Red" hitting theaters October 15, we're kicking off the next two weeks of coverage with five days of guest columns from writer Warren Ellis, co-creator of the 2003 "Red" comic book with artist Cully Hamner. Join us all week for original columns from Ellis that will look at the origins of the comic, his favorite scenes, and much, much more! -RM


Things it would amuse me to see (that would probably terrify my friends):

I would find it really interesting to see someone like Paul Greengrass adapt Brian Wood's Viking graphic novel sequence "Northlanders" for film. Greengrass likes realism and a good location, but he isn't all about the location in supremacy (heh) to the actors — the people are the focus.

Conversely, I'd be interested to see Nicolas Winding Refn, director of the demented Viking movie "Valhalla Rising," do an adaptation of Brian's "DMZ" graphic novels, because I think he'd make that book's broken and bombed-out Manhattan a very alienating and alienated place.

Although I suspect the idea might turn Matt's bowels to water, I have this notion that Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor would make a really fun adaptation of Matt Fraction, Gabriel Ba, and Fabio Moon's "Casanova." A film version of that science-fiction psychodrama that isn't cranked up to eleven frankly isn't worth making, and there aren't too many people working in commercial film who can do that anymore.

(I personally think Neveldine/Taylor should be given all the money in Hollywood to make whatever they like. "Gone With The Wind" with Jason Statham playing all the roles and nut-punching alien coke-rhinos from beyond space in the laser-scorched plantation fields of Georgia? Here's the cheque now.)

Also, if Peter Jackson wants to warm up before doing "The Hobbit," he should adapt Hope Larson's exquisite YA graphic novel "Salamander Dream" as a short film first. Just go and investigate that one for yourselves.

— Warren Ellis

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