'Incredible Hulk' And 'Avengers' Sequels Are Likely, Says Mark Ruffalo

Mark RuffaloAfter a high profile spat with Marvel Studios that Edward Norton insists was "a very respectful business decision," the Oscar-nominated actor found himself replaced by Mark Ruffalo, his friend and colleague, as the new Jade Giant. But while Ruffalo is set to make his Marvel debut in "The Avengers," could the actor have a greater role to play in the studio's future?

In an interview with Empire, Ruffalo said that he's on board not just for "The Avengers," but for future appearances as the easily enraged Bruce Banner, possibly in his very own solo film.

"They set up several pictures over a couple of years and possibly there will be a Hulk movie," said the actor. "The way I see it, Edward Norton has bequeathed this role to me. I reckon the part is my generation's Hamlet, and there's still some room for interpreting who The Hulk is."

Ruffalo once again reemphasized his previously stated infatuation with the 1970s "Hulk" television series, saying: "Growing up I'd rush home to watch my favourite show. You had the main character, played by Bill Bixby, and he had this calming quality to him. I watched it again recently, and it was so different from anything on TV at the time. You could really see the character struggling with the human aspect of what was happening."

Beyond future "Hulk" movies, Ruffalo said that it's definitely possible that he'll appear in further "Avengers" sequels.

"There'll probably be a couple more Avengers too," he said, "which would be fun."

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