Is Darren Aronofsky Closing In On 'Wolverine 2' Director's Chair?

WolverineNow that Zack Snyder is directing the "Superman" reboot for Warner Bros., DC Entertainment and producer Christopher Nolan, is there still a chance that previously rumored contender Darren Aronofsky could hop into the comic book pool? Why, yes, there is — a very real chance indeed, bub!

Deadline reports that Aronofsky is closing in on directing "X-Men Origins: Wolverine 2" for 20th Century Fox, potentially reuniting the filmmaker with Hugh Jackman for the first time since they worked together on "The Fountain."

According to the report, Aronofsky "has begun talks" with the studio and while it's not guaranteed that he'll sign on for the superhero sequel, "it's his job if he wants it."

Aronofsky was previously linked to the "Wolverine" sequel, though "Eclipse" director David Slade was at one point considered the front runner for the comic book movie. "Red" director Robert Schwentke was also reportedly in contention at one point.

Rumors of Aronofsky's involvement in the "Wolverine" franchise came to a boil last month when MTV News caught the "Black Swan" filmmaker taking a meeting with Fox co-chairman Tom Rothman at the Toronto International Film Festival. When pressed on the meeting, Aronofsky played coy.

"I don't know what you're talking about," he said. "There are a lot of projects out there and I haven't really focused on anything yet."

A lot of projects indeed, as Aronofsky has been connected not just to "Wolverine 2" and "Superman," but also the long developing adaptation of "Preacher" for Columbia Pictures. If the director sinks his claws into "Wolverine," it's likely he won't have room on his plate for the Vertigo adaptation as well.

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