Zack Snyder 'Superman' Reactions And Ian McShane As General Zod In Today's Twitter Report

Zack Snyder SupermanZack Snyder is directing the new Superman reboot, and industry tweeters have opinions. While Geoff Johns and Brett Ratner got excited, Mike Costa and Dustin Harbin were significantly less thrilled. One thing's for sure, though: Chris Weston should be in charge of casting General Zod.

Recent tweets not associated with Superman in our feed included some WWE criticism from Jill Thompson, as well as a piece of Hellboy iPad art by Duncan Fegredo that's pretty snazzy. Check it out after the jump along with a million dollar Mario-verse question from Rick Basaldua.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is your Twitter Report for October 5, 2010.

@thejillthompson Glad the WWE is milking the obvious angle in the Cena/Nexus for all of 26 minutes! What a waste of the precious minutes of my life :-(

-Jill Thompson, Artist ("Beasts of Burden," "The Sandman")

Superman pt. 1: @GeoffJohns0 Zack Snyder. Superman. It's a good Monday in DC land. :)

-Geoff Johns, Writer ("Blackest Night," "The Flash")

Superman pt. 2: @MikeCosta Don't even f---ing talk to me about Superman today. Or, maybe ever.

-Mike Costa, Writer ("G.I. Joe: Cobra," "Resistance")

Superman pt. 3: @cully_hamner I was lukewarm on Zack Snyder's WATCHMEN, I liked 300, and I haven't yet seen SUCKER PUNCH, so I guess I'm neutral on him doing Superman.

-Cully Hamner, Artist ("Red," "Blue Beetle")

Superman pt. 4: @BrettRatner Congrats to Zack Snyder on Superman. Cant wait to see it!!!!

-Brett Ratner, Director ("X-Men: The Last Stand")

Superman pt. 5: @dustinharbin Those Zack Snyder movies all look like what motion comics want to become. Some mediocre amalgam of two otherwise interesting somethings.

-Dustin Harbin, Writer/Artist ("DHARBIN!")

Superman pt. 6: @KatzMoney Hamm as SUPERMAN only happens if WB decides they are willing to go "old" with the role for the right guy. That's just how studios think.

-Jeff Katz, Writer/Producer ("Booster Gold," "Freddy vs Jason vs Ash")

Superman pt. 7: @westonfront Kneel before Lovejoy! Ian McShane for Zod!

-Chris Weston, Artist ("The Authority," "The Filth")

@duncanfegredo Playing around with the iPad last night, a painty scrawl of #Hellboy...

-Duncan Fegredo, Artist ("Hellboy: Darkness Calls," "Judge Dredd")

Deep Thought for the Day:

@RickBas9 I wonder if Yoshi is a Virgin?

-Rick Basaldua, Inker ("Witchblade/Devi," "Hunter-Killer")

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