John Malkovich Addresses 'Spider-Man 4' Vulture Rumors, Isn't Involved With New 'Spider-Man' Movie

It seems like ages ago that we were pestering Sam Raimi for information about the fourth installment of his blockbuster "Spider-Man" movie franchise, and new casting rumors were hitting the 'net on a daily basis.

One of the more intriguing rumors to make the rounds had "Red" actor John Malkovich playing The Vulture in "Spider-Man 4" . When MTV News caught up with him during the "Red" junket, we asked him if there was any truth to the suggestion that he'd play the winged criminal Adrian Toomes.

"There wasn't really a script as far as I knew," he said of the "Spider-Man 4" status when rumors began to surface. "There were some pages."

"Sam [Raimi] was very open about that," he added. "It was very much a work in progress."

As for whether he's still involved with the webslinger's soon to be rebooted franchise, Malkovich said he hasn't heard a peep since plans for "Spider-Man 4" were scrapped.

"I have not had another conversation," he said. "Sam called me to tell me [that] as far as he was concerned, it was off. ... I have no idea what's happening with it."

From what he did see of the script, however, Malkovich said it was clear that the fourth installment of the franchise was likely to be the most expensive of them all.

"It's obvious that ['Spider-Man 4'] was going to be a lot of money to make," he said.

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