Zack Snyder Says 'Superman' Reboot Will Answer 'Why Superman?'

Zack SnyderSo the word is out there now that Zack Snyder is directing the "Superman" reboot, very likely from a David Goyer-penned script, with Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas producing.

MTV News was lucky enough to chat with Snyder soon after the news officially broke, and while he couldn't reveal any concrete details about the plot, he did discuss why he's excited about Nolan and Goyer's vision for the project — as well as when we might expect production to begin.

MTV NEWS: First of all, congrats to you!

ZACK SNYDER: Thanks! It is pretty awesome.

MTV: Awesome is an understatement. So let's get right to it, what were the meetings with Nolan like?

SNYDER: They were amazing. ... I had a meeting with Chris and Emma, [and] it was really just talking about, in really sort of civilized and fun terms, who he was to us and what he could be, and I think that those conversations felt free from the pressure of audition and felt more just talking about a character that we both liked. At that point, I was content [whether] I was the one picked or not that I had had a great visit, from a creative and fan point of view, [and] I was satisfied that that was cool.

MTV: When did you hear the news? How are you reacting?

SNYDER: Just recently. I’ve been reacting with great joy. I’m really excited and I feel like it’s an amazing opportunity.

MTV: Do you know if they’re sticking with the rumored “Man of Steel” title? And are you going to be working from Goyer’s script?

SNYDER: [Laughs] Yeah, they don’t know anything.

MTV: Goyer’s script is said to be a “modern-day take” on the character… did you talk about that at all?

SNYDER: Not really — in a sense that I hadn’t read it at the time and we just talked about the character. All I’ll say is that those guys — Chris and David — have created an amazing story and the "Why Superman?" question is definitely being looked at with care. That’s all I could hope for as a director — that those guys have already gone a long way to making him, [addressing] the "Why?" of Superman, [and] toward understanding him. ... Everyone always says “Why Superman?” Why is he relevant? Who is he now? I think those guys have done an amazing job with that. That’s the real trick.

MTV: Do you have any favorite villains you’d like to see in the film?

SNYDER: Yeah no, I can’t say.

MTV: What about casting? Have you discussed whether you'll be going with a name actor or an unknown?

SNYDER: No idea.

MTV: Fair enough. You can't tell us anything. So where does this fit into your busy production schedule?

SNYDER: I think this is what we’re doing right now. We’re going to finish ‘Sucker Punch’ and get right to work on this.

MTV: Will you, Nolan and David all be involved in the script-melding/filmmaking?

SNYDER: I hope so. I have a lot of respect for [Nolan]. I would think that he would be.

MTV: So when might production start?

SNYDER: I don’t know exactly because I’m just finishing "Sucker Punch" and this is just happening right now, but I’m imagining pretty quickly.

MTV: So six years, six months? 2011?

SNYDER: No, not six years, but soon. Basically, I’m going to start working on it when I’m done with "Sucker Punch."

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