'Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods' Documentary To Screen During New York Comic Con

Grant Morrison documentaryBack in July we brought you the news that the upcoming "Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods" documentary had found a distributor and would premiere during this year's New York Comic Con. Now the good folks at Halo-8 Entertainment have provided us with more information about the screening this weekend.

"Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods" will be screened at the downtown NYC theater Cinema Village (on E. 12th Street) this Saturday (October 9) at 11:30 PM EDT. Tickets to the screening will cost $11 for adults or $8 for students (but aren't we all students of Grant Morrison?).

Halo-8 is also putting together a $20 package that will get you a ticket to the screening and your very own DVD (shipping October 26). Check out the official Halo 8 website later today for all the info you need to snag a seat at the show.

Directed by Patrick Meaney, "Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods" chronicles the "We3" and "All Star Superman" writer's long career in the comics biz, which includes groundbreaking runs on "Animal Man" and "The Doom Patrol," among other critically acclaimed projects. Interviews with the writer are cut with discussion of his work with notable comic creators from every corner of the industry, such as Warren Ellis, Geoff Johns, and as you can see in the clip below, Mark Waid.

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