New 'Thor' Movie Images Feature Natalie Portman As Jane Foster & Loki's Horned Helmet!

ThorSeven months — that's all that stands between you and the release date for "Thor," director Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of the classic hammer-wielding Marvel Comics icon starring Chris Hemsworth in the title role. Thankfully, there's a considerably shorter waiting period when it comes to seeing new photos from the movie!

Hey You Guys (via Superhero Hype) got an early sneak peek at the next issue of Empire Magazine, which contains plenty of new images and information on the "Thor" front. Check out some of the images after the jump!

This new batch of images provides us with yet another excellent look at Hemsworth in his Asgardian garb: a flowing red cape descends from his armored chest plate, while metallic sleeves echo Thor's recently overhauled design courtesy of comic book illustrator Olivier Coipel.

Another interesting image comes in the form of a behind-the-scenes photo with Branagh, Hemsworth and leading lady Natalie Portman sitting around a camp fire, providing one of the very first shots of Portman as Jane Foster.

Perhaps the most exciting of the bunch, however, is also the simplest: a silhouetted shot of Hemsworth as Thor and Tom Hiddleston as Loki — horned helmet and all — as they face each other on an illuminated sound stage. Though there's very little detail to speak of, the tension between the two characters is palpable.

Or maybe it's not; maybe I'm just overly excited to see some Thor versus Loki action. That's entirely possible!

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