January Jones In Lingerie For 'X-Men: First Class' Scene?

January JonesWhen January Jones first joined the "X-Men: First Class" cast as Emma Frost, some fans were disappointed by the departure of originally rumored actress Alice Eve. But pictures of Jones decked out as the White Queen in full 1960s regalia managed to turn many of those frowns upside down — and the lingering naysayers may find themselves on the actress' side fairly soon, based on comments made by noted British talk show personality and "Turf" co-creator Jonathan Ross.

Ross, whose wife Jane Goldman wrote the film's screenplay for "Kick-Ass" collaborator and "First Class" director Matthew Vaughn, reports that he's seen some early footage from the "X-Men" prequel -- and based on what he's seen, the film "will be AWESOME!!!!!"

But beyond such an enthusiastic declaration, Ross offered a further endorsement of "X-Men: First Class" by promising a lingerie-clad Emma Frost.

"I was there for the filming of a January Jones as Emma Frost scene... in lingerie," Ross reported to his Twitter followers. "Fanboys, start your drooling..."

Not only is the prospect of a scantily clad Emma Frost likely to raise the blood pressure of Marvel Comics enthusiasts, Ross added further fuel to the fire to make the surrounding comic book community quite jealous: "At the risk of alienating all comic fanboys/girls, after my friday visit to 'X-Men: First Class,' tomorrow I am with 'Captain America.'"

Both "First Class" and "Captain America" are currently shooting in and around London, so the England-based Ross is clearly in the right territory for the comic book movie market. Man, what we wouldn't give for a chance to check out one or both of those sets -- oh, wait a minute...

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