CORRECTION: Mark Millar And Tony Scott's 'Nemesis' Movie To Get $150M Budget, WILL Have White Suit!

nemesisMost writers hope they’ll see at least one of their creations brought to life on the big screen one day, but comic writer Mark Millar has already been lucky enough to see two — and he has at least two more on the way.

Besides his secret project with Leinil Francis Yu, Millar is set to bring his and artist Steve McNiven’s antihero story “Nemesis” to life with director Tony Scott. And with the success of films like “Wanted” and “Kick-Ass,” it doesn’t appear Hollywood will stop throwing money at him anytime soon.

[UPDATE: Mark Millar has contacted MTV News to clarify several elements that were misunderstood in the original interview. We've edited the post and placed these corrections in BOLD/CAPITALIZED text. -RM]

“They reckon the budget on this thing will probably be around $150 MILLION mark. It’s a very expensive film, it’s got a lot of big set pieces,” he told MTV News while promoting his recently launched "CLiNT" comics magazine. “So the nice thing is, it means we can hopefully afford who we want to work with.”

Millar said he discussed who he’d like to see in the title roles with Scott recently, and told the filmmaker, “In my head I saw Johnny Depp versus Brad Pitt, and he said, 'Well, that sounds good,’ and he has some of his own ideas as well. He’s just going to go around and get a script together and then take it out and see what he can find.”

Talking to Scott about his creations is somewhat of a dream come true for Millar, as he admitted being a big fan of the "Top Gun" and "Enemy of the State" director.

“Tony Scott has to be at the top of the list, he’s a Hollywood legend. Every single person in the country probably has at least one of his movies on DVD," said Millar. "So the idea of Tony Scott doing a superhero movie in itself would be exciting, the idea of doing mine is just crazy. It’s something I’m very, very exciting about.”

The other benefit of having such successful films made from your work is that you get to see just how popular you really are in Hollywood.

“It’s great because a whole bunch of directors approached to direct this film and some really amazing guys came forward,” said Millar. “It was a very troubling position to be able to say that some guys weren't right for it because they weren’t good at action sequences but they were good at character stuff, or maybe vice-versa, somebody who’s very good at action but they couldn’t do the drama.”

In the end, all that action and drama will be adapted for the screen by someone other than Millar. The writer said he won’t be scripting the “Nemesis” screenplay.

“I’ve written the comic and I’ll serve as a producer, and I always make sure my artists get to be producers as well, which is what I did with J.G. Jones on ‘Wanted’ and John Romita Jr. on ‘Kick-Ass’ and now Steve McNiven on ‘Nemesis,'" he explained. "We’ll control things from behind the scenes."

“Wanted” strayed from the source material a bit but it looks as if “Nemesis” will go the “Kick-Ass” route and stick closer to the comic.

“I think it should be pretty much identical," he said. "I mean, Tony and I talked at length about it. One of the [potential] directors said, 'I’d like the guy not to be in a white superhero costume,' and I thought, 'Well, that’s the whole point of it,' so we ended up NOT AGREEING TO DO THAT. I think [Scott] is going to stay as faithful as he can. It’s a big studio picture, [so] we won’t have the same kind of control we had with ‘Kick-Ass,’ which was a much more intimate affair, but I feel very confident in Tony’s hands.”

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