Ryan Reynolds Calls 'Secret Origin' Comic A 'Bible' For Live-Action 'Green Lantern'

Like most long-established comic book characters, Green Lantern Hal Jordan has had his origin story re-imagined by countless writers over the years, each putting their own mark on how the cocky test pilot became the ring-wielding hero of Space Sector 2814. Sure, the fundamental elements remained the same in each incarnation of Hal's origin (he's given the ring by a dying alien, trained by Sinestro, etc), but it's the ways in which the stories are tweaked that often makes or breaks an origin story.

In 2008, DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns retold Hal's beginnings as a Green Lantern in "Secret Origin," a seven-issue arc that established the character's continuity in the modern age. Two years later, the actor bringing Hal to life on the big screen told MTV News that it was that particular comic that informed his take on the character and his superhero origin.

"Geoff Johns is it," said Ryan Reynolds when asked if any particular arcs or creators inspired the film. "His 'Secret Origins' book is what I use as the bible for this."

In Toronto to promote his new film "Buried," Reynolds said it was that very same comic on which he modeled his version of Hal Jordan.

"It's an easy thing to reference because it's an origin story as well," he said, "so that was the [source material] I stuck to."

While Johns has long been one of the primary architects of the DC Comics universe, it's in his new role as Chief Creative Officer for the company that has seen him taking an even more active role in the various properties making the transition to the big- and small-screen worlds. During this year's Comic-Con in San Diego, Johns was the first panelist introduced at the "Green Lantern" panel, with much of the cast and crew later heaping praise on his involvement with the project.

"Green Lantern" is currently scheduled to hit theaters in June 2011.

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