Donald Glover Is Spider-Man... On 'Community,' That Is!

Although Donald Glover didn't win his bid to play Peter Parker in director Marc Webb's upcoming "Spider-Man" reboot, the comedian got his chance to swing his way into the superhero's suit nonetheless thanks to his role on "Community."

The second season of the NBC comedy series premiered last week, and fans that supported Glover's campaign to star in "Spider-Man" were met with a nice consolation prize as the comedian's character, football fanatic Troy Barnes, appeared in the episode wearing Spider-Man pajamas. Check it out below:

"It's definitely a cutesy inside wink at the Donald Glover for Spider-Man campaign," said "Community" creator Dan Harmon in an interview with New York Magazine.

Harmon added that it's also a wink to "the curious eruption of a previously unknown demographic of racist comic-book readers [the Glover for Spider-Man campaign] ended up uncovering."

But the "Community" creator also stressed that this wasn't just a publicity stunt, as Glover's character is likely a big Spider-Man fan regardless of the actor playing him.

"Troy would definitely be a Spider-Man fan," said Harmon. "He wrote a comic book that's included as an extra in the season one DVD. He's a hybrid of nerd and jock. Nerds and jocks overlap in the area of bad-ass stuff, like robots and things that kill things ... video games and total domination of this and that."

Did you catch Glover's appearance as Spider-Man on last week's "Community" premiere? Did it satisfy your desire to see him in the role? Let us know what you think in the comments section and on Twitter!