Chloe Moretz Is 'Emily The Strange'

Chloe MoretzChloe Moretz made quite the name for herself when she burst onto the screen as Hit-Girl in this year's "Kick-Ass," but the young actress' comic book ambitions aren't stopping there.

According to Deadline, Moretz has agreed to take on the title role in "Emily The Strange," based on the popular character created by Rob Reger and his company Cosmic Debris in 1993. Dark Horse's Mike Richardson is producing the Universal Pictures film alongside executive producers Reger and Keith Goldberg.

"When I first met Chloe I knew I found my Emily," Reger said of Moretz's casting. "She really identifies and understands the character, and has what it takes to bring her to life."

The Hollywood Reporter notes that the "Emily the Strange" feature film adaptation will "tell the origin of the punk and gothic figure and her four cats: troublemaker Sabbath, schemer Nee-Chee, imaginative Miles and leader Mystery."

In addition to appearing in comic books, Emily the Strange has a prominent role in popular culture as the poster child of clothing, stickers, fashion accessories and various other types of merchandising. For her own part, Moretz will next be seen as vicious child vampire Abby in director Matt Reeves' upcoming "Let Me In," based on the Swedish horror novel written by John Ajvide Lindqvist. She's also expected to reprise her role as the murderous anti-hero Hit-Girl for a "Kick-Ass" sequel.

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