'X-Men: First Class' Star James McAvoy Plans To 'Bury' Patrick Stewart's Version Of Charles Xavier

James McAvoy has big shoes to fill when he assumes the role of Professor Charles Xavier in "X-Men: First Class," the currently shooting prequel to 20th Century Fox's "X-Men" trilogy. Up until this point, Patrick Stewart has lent his talents to the telepathic leader of our mutant heroes, but when director Matthew Vaughn's film rolls into theaters next June, there won't be a trace of Stewart to be found — not even in McAvoy's performance.

"I'm basically going to try and bury Patrick's performance," McAvoy laughed when speaking with MTV News about the project. But there's some seriousness to his words as well, as McAvoy explained that he hopes to put his own stamp on Xavier — until he reverts the character back to Stewart's version, that is.

"I think the fun about these films, when you go back and you either reboot or do a prequel, is you get to see how people became who they are," he explained. "That means that you have to do them differently and by the end of the movie you have to do them the same way. The interesting journey is what happens to them, what changes them, what makes them evolve — not just mutate, but emotionally and psychologically evolve."

"I would suggest by the end of the movie and the start of the next movie, it'll be more like what Patrick does," he added. "Or maybe not. Maybe it will still be in a period of flux, if there is a new movie."

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