'Green Lantern' Sequels Could Focus On Kyle Rayner & Guy Gardner, Says Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has a hunch that he'll appear in either "R.I.P.D." or "Deadpool," but likely not both. Still, there's at least one comic book property he's fully committed to — the "Green Lantern" franchise.

Reynolds makes his debut as Hal Jordan in next summer's first "Green Lantern" film, and pending the success of that initial movie, DC Comics fans could very well see Hal and other characters taking center stage for many years to come.

"It's a pretty big universe and there's a lot to explore," Reynolds told MTV News about "Green Lantern's" sequel potential. "There's a lot to explore with Hal and without him. You could do a couple more movies with Hal, then you could move on to a movie with Guy Gardner or Kyle Rayner, any of those guys."

Of course, sequels are only possible if fans respond to next summer's Martin Campbell-directed picture. It's a fact that Reynolds is well aware of, leaving him cautious about thinking too far ahead into the "Green Lantern" franchise's future.

"Let's not put the cart before the horse," the actor said with a laugh. "In success, you do another movie, you do two, and that's fantastic. But the first one has got to land and people have got to see it and really have to have that appetite for a second one."

If nothing else, the decision makers at Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment seem very confident in "Green Lantern," going so far as to commission the film's writers to tackle the story for "Green Lantern 2."

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