DC Entertainment Won't Copy 'Avengers' Model, No Immediate Plans To Reveal Superhero Strategy

DC EntertainmentWhile speaking to yesterday's news that DC Entertainment is splitting its operations into separate California and New York headquarters, president Diane Nelson took the opportunity to address the company's future film plans. One thing that fans should not expect, according to Nelson, is that the DC Entertainment movie slate will mirror Marvel's "Avengers" model.

"People make an assumption that we're going to mirror Marvel's strategy, for example with Avengers," Nelson told IGN. "We do have a very different attitude about how you build a content slate. And it isn't necessarily about connecting those properties together to build into a single thing. We think we've got great stories and characters that will lend themselves to great standalone experiences, and that's the way we're focusing on it."

Nelson added that while she enjoys the healthy competition that exists between DC and Marvel, she also acknowledges that there's a certain competition that only exists in the minds of spectators.

"There is a healthy competition as there would be in any business. But we do not spend our days thinking about what Marvel is doing," she said. "Listen, I've said before, the success of Marvel, or any publisher, is good for us, and ours for them. We want to support the retail business together and there are a lot of things we can do together. But there is not a single thing we've done that has been reactive to Marvel from the creation of DC Entertainment to today. People can speculate, but they are wrong."

As for Warner Bros. CEO Barry Meyer's recently reported comments that DC Entertainment would reveal a spread sheet detailing its upcoming media plans in one month's time, Nelson told Comic Book Resources that no such announcement is planned.

"First, Mr Meyer, by his own admission, was misquoted, so we’re not going to be making that announcement in the next month, but we will be discussing a lot of our content plans before the end of the year," she said. "It won’t necessarily be exhaustive, and it will not be limited to a theatrical slate, but at the same time that we’ve been looking carefully at the organization, everyone’s been working very hard to keep the business moving in the direction we want – everyone in particular being Geoff Johns who has a lot of great stuff with our divisions. So, you will hear more about that before the end of the year."

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