Mark Millar Addresses Kristen Stewart 'Wanted 2' Rumors, Won't Be Upset If Sequel Never Happens

Mark MillarNothing’s ever a sure thing in Hollywood — even the most bankable actors, actresses and directors can have flops. When their film hits theaters, there's always a chance of failure, but when you make it a comic book movie, the risk seems even higher.

So far, Mark Millar has an impressive batting average with film adaptations of his comics “Wanted” and “Kick-Ass” grossing close to $440 million dollars worldwide, not including DVD sales.

Granted, “Wanted” did have one very valuable asset on it’s side: Angelina Jolie. But seeing as how she’s confirmed that she won't return for the sequel, will it even happen?

“Well, 'Wanted 2' is complicated,” Millar told MTV News while promoting his recently launched "CLiNT" comics magazine. “There’s no book [for] 'Wanted 2.' I would like to do [the movie]. I say if it happens, great. If it doesn’t, I’m not bothered.”

It may seem as if Millar doesn’t care about his creation, but it’s really just that he already accomplished his goal.

“I only intended to write down one book, six issues," he explained. "I had no interest in doing anything beyond that, you know, I was happy with it."

Of course, that doesn't he wasn’t tempted on all sides.

“Lots of people said to me, ‘Go and do a sequel or do three sequels, the movie is gonna make a lot of money and the movie would be great for your books sales,'" he said. "But I don’t really write the comics for money, I write them comics because I like them. Sometimes I do things for almost no money at all just because I like doing it, so the idea to write a sequel just because the movie was big seems almost unethical.”

So where does this leave “Wanted 2,” the film? Considering the first movie strayed quite a bit from the source material, it might be easier to continue than if you were relying on a book that was never going to come — but there is that one, tiny catch.

"They killed off the most recognizable character, but I thought it was great to do that," Millar told MTV News earlier this year. "It was so ballsy to kill off the one person you didn't expect to die."

If the film does wind up moving forward, signs point to another prominent female actress taking on a role. For months, speculation has pointed to none other than "Twilight" star Kristen Stewart.

Stewart addressed those rumors with MTV News in June, dancing around a direct answer by saying she would join the cast as long as the script was good.

"But I wouldn't just want to be in a mindless blow-up movie. I'm not into it," she added.

When I asked Millar if he knew anything about Stewart being offered the lead, his first reaction was laughter.

“Well it’s funny, my daughter was so excited when she heard that,” he said, “I think there had been some conversations but there isn’t even a finalized screenplay yet so they definitely can’t confirm any actors yet. I have heard that she was approached and she said that she was very excited about the idea in an interview...of working with guys like James [McAvoy] or [director Timur Bekmambetov] or whoever but it’s all just speculation.”

“But my daughter was the most excited I’d ever seen her about anything I’m working on, you know? She wasn’t very excited about ‘Kick-Ass’ or ‘Wanted’ but the minute Kristen Stewart’s name is mentioned it’s like, ‘Ohh!’ And then she told me it’s like I’m one person away from Taylor Lautner.”

What do you think? Should “Wanted” happen with Kristin Stewart? Should it happen at all knowing the creators thoughts on his original work? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!