Edward Norton Says He's 'Been Laughing About' Hulk Casting With Mark Ruffalo

On Friday, we brought you an interview with "Incredible Hulk" star Edward Norton in which he addressed some of the "disingenuous" aspects of his recent, very public exit from the Marvel movie franchise and subsequent replacement by actor Mark Ruffalo.

MTV News caught up with Norton at the Toronto International Film Festival, where he premiered his new film "Stone." In addition to offering his own opinion on the events that transpired back in July, Norton shared some thoughts on the actor replacing him as Bruce Banner in Marvel's upcoming films.

"Mark's one of my favorite actors and a very good pal of mine," said Norton. "We've already been laughing about it."

"John Curran, who directed 'Stone,' is a friend of ours — because we've both done movies with him," he added, joking that he and Mark are hoping for a chance to make an ensemble film starring all of the people who have played Marvel's green-skinned goliath.

"We could get Lou [Ferrigno], Eric [Bana], me and Ruffalo," he laughed.

Norton reiterated that, despite the tense public back-and-forth that occurred a few months ago, there's no ill will when it comes to his departure from the Marvel movie universe — especially when it comes to Ruffalo stepping in as his replacement.

"All good things," he said. "No... No bad feelings on that."

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