First Betty White, Now Stan Lee? New 'SNL' Facebook Campaign Kicks Off!

Stan LeeJust a few months ago, "Golden Girls" actress Betty White made headlines by turning a Facebook fan campaign into a guest hosting gig on "Saturday Night Live." Now, fans of comics legend Stan Lee are hoping to do the same for the co-creator of Spider-Man, the X-Men, and countless other iconic characters.

The "Stan Lee on SNL" campaign kicked off this weekend on Facebook, encouraging fans to support the veteran, cameo-friendly creator as a potential "SNL" guest host. Anyone interested in seeing Lee appear on the long-running live skit show is asked to "Like" the page, become a fan, and pass the word along.

Lee's become no stranger to cameos in movies and commercials these days, so a guest hosting gig on "SNL" certainly seems like an attainable goal. Of course, the fact that many of his creations are breaking records at the box office the last few years probably doesn't hurt, either.

Still, whenever I think of Lee doing a bit on "SNL," I can't help wondering what sort of superhero-themed skits they'll create for him. To be honest, I'm not sure if anything can top the March 1979 "Superhero Party" skit that featured Bill Murray as Superman and a host of other Marvel and DC heroes congregating at the apartment of Lois Lane (played by "Superman: The Movie" star Margot Kidder). Never saw it? Well, thanks to the wonders of Hulu, here it is:

Poor Ant-Man... that guy can never catch a break.

You can check out the "Stan Lee on SNL" campaign over at Facebook.

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