'Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance' Sets February 2012 Release Date

Ghost RiderAlmost a year has passed since word of David Goyer's "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" screenplay first broke online. Now, with directors, actors and locations set in place, one more crucial detail has come to light: a release date.

According to Superhero Hype, Sony and Columbia Pictures have scheduled "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" for a release date of February 17, 2012. The "Ghost Rider" sequel, directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor of "Crank" fame, will be released in both 3D and 2D theaters with Nicolas Cage once again embodying the title role.

The sequel is currently shooting in Romania, and Cage has already teased the possibility that Johnny Blaze could go flaming skull-to-fangs against none other than Dracula himself.

"I'll be filming it in Romania, which is exciting, since that's where Dracula's castle is," Cage revealed at Comic-Con earlier this year. "The Ghost Rider has to ride up to Dracula's castle."

The Romania shooting location should come as little surprise to those who have followed our "Ghost Rider" sequel coverage over the past year, since Cage has long expressed his desire to bring the rider to Eastern Europe.

But even as new details come to the surface, there's still much we don't know about the developing Marvel Comics sequel. Little is known about casting, for example, beyond the fact that Cage is returning and Eva Mendes is not. With the film currently in production and a release date looming, it's a sure bet that we'll be hearing plenty more about the "Ghost Rider" sequel in the coming weeks and months.

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