'Iron Man 2' Bonus Features, Hawkeye's Costume, And A 'Green Lantern' Mystery: It's The Back-Issue Bin!

HawkeyeThe weekend is here, and that means another week filled with news, interviews, and various other geekery is behind us.

This time around, the most popular stories featured Tony Stark's armored alter-ego, Steve Rogers' star-spangled sentinel, and the man who made "The Batusi" a part of pop culture. We also had a heaping helping of updates regarding the live-action debut of Clint Barton in Joss Whedon's "Avengers" movie, and an interesting comment from the man who'll become Marvel's mouthy mercenary, Deadpool.

Read on for a full breakdown of the Top 10 stories on Splash Page this week!

10. We asked which Marvel property you most wanted to see as a live-action television series, and you told us!

9. Our preview of the "Captain America: The First Avenger" set visit contained 200% more shield.

8. We made some suggestions for which classic comic should provide the plot for "The Avengers" movie.

7. Jeremy Renner remembered his previous work with "Avengers" director Joss Whedon fondly — and explained why the fan-favorite filmmaker is the right man for the job.

6. We brought you the exclusive announcement of Adam West's new comic book series, "The Mis-Adventures of Adam West"!

5. Who's the mystery alien in this "Green Lantern" scene with Ryan Reynolds?

4. Our exclusive clip from the "Iron Man 2" DVD and Blu-Ray bonus features gave you a behind-the-scenes peek at the briefcase armor scene!

3. Jeremy Renner revealed that he probably won't be wearing Hawkeye's classic purple costume when he brings the character to the big screen.

2. A set of "Smallville" Season 10 teasers offered a peek at Superman's suit and the return of Lex Luthor!

And for this week's top story...

1. Ryan Reynolds compared the "Deadpool" movie to "going to prison for the first day" — and I'm pretty sure he meant that in the best way possible!

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