Edward Norton Explains The 'Disingenuous' Elements Of His 'Incredible Hulk' Exit

Back in early July, there was no shortage of online discussion regarding "Incredible Hulk" star Edward Norton's departure from the Marvel movie universe. The high-profile parting unfolded in an uncommonly public forum, with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige announcing the decision on a movie news blog, prompting Norton's agent to fire back at what he called an "offensive statement" from the studio chief. Less than 48 hours later, Norton himself posted a statement on his Facebook page, saying the experience "hasn't turned out as we all hoped."

During last weekend's Toronto International Film Festival, MTV News chatted with Norton a little more about the chaotic course of events that led up to his exit from the Marvel movie universe.

"I said what I had to say about that," said Norton, who was in town promoting "Stone," his new drama co-starring Milla Jovovich and Robert De Niro. "I didn't want to be negative about anything. I had a great time doing that. I was very happy to be part of it all."

"People's response to that film was great," he added. "That's everything you want. If you're going to do one of those, and be in those long traditions of those things we all grew up in, you don't want to be in one of the bad ones. So I'm really happy people had a good thing with that."

Given the very vocal back-and-forth about the move, Norton felt inclined to weigh in on the decision to bid adieu to Bruce Banner — and his understanding of why the entire ordeal unfolded it as it did.

"The thing that was disingenuous about some of the stuff that had gone on is it was a very professional and very respectful business situation," he said. "We really couldn't work it out on a business level, and I know that's disappointing to some people but it's nobody's fault."

"I don't have any disrespect for anybody's decisions in the business framework. You do what you feel you need to do on both sides, and that's totally fine," continued Norton. "I have no idea why anybody tried to characterize it as anything other than that kind of a decision, which is absolutely what it was."

In the end, Norton said he's moved on from the experience, and offered up his own perspective on the matter.

"My life's way too good on too many levels to be over-intense about things like that," he said.

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