And The Marvel Property MTV Readers Most Want To See On TV Is...

MarvelEarlier this week, I asked you which Marvel property you'd most like to see as a live-action television series.

The product of a recent interview I conducted with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada about the company's new television development department, the poll generated a lot of suggestions from readers, and some great comments regarding why each property would be a good fit for the live-action TV world.

After counting up the votes, crunching the numbers, and organizing the final tally, I have a list of which Marvel characters and teams YOU want to see on your TV... and why you want to see 'em!


1. Heroes For Hire (Luke Cage and Iron Fist snag the top spot!): 21.93%

2. Daredevil ("Law & Order" meets "Heroes"?): 16.73%

3. Punisher: 12.45%

4. X-Men: 9.85%

5. Doctor Strange: 7.81%

6. Spider-Man (Swingin' into sixth place!): 3.9%

7. Alpha Flight (Canada... Represent!): 3.9%

8. Thunderbolts (But which version of the team?): 3.72%

9. Fantastic Four: 2.6%

10. Moon Knight (Our top write-in candidate with a strong showing!): 1.9%

11. Avengers: 1.86%

12. ROM: Spaceknight (Yes, this pleases me immensely, folks!): 1.86%

13. Ghost Rider: 1.67%

14. Runaways (Another write-in candidate — and a great one!): 1.23%

15. Iron Man (Kind of surprised he fell so low!): 1.12%

16. Wolverine: 0.93%

17. Deadpool (Could the Merc with a Mouth be good TV?): 0.74%

18. Hulk: 0.74%

19. Guardians of the Galaxy (Cosmic write-in candidate!): 0.23%

20. Man-Thing (I was hoping for more support here, but I understand...): 0.19%

Other properties receiving votes included kiddie superteam Power Pack, Cloak & Dagger, and the dimension-hopping Exiles.

To be honest, I was a little surprised by the big showing for write-in candidates Moon Knight and Runaways, though I regret not including the latter in my original list of suggestions. Brian K. Vaughn's teenage supergroup really does deserve its own series.

As for why people voted the way they did, here's a sampling of reader comments:

ghoti-max: Definitely think that one of the street-based characters like Daredevil or Punisher would translate to the small screen. I really don't think that TV budgets could cater for someone like Iron Man or Dr. Strange; they're so much more of a cinematic event. Daredevil's court/vigilante saga's would be perfect for TV.

adamant877: I think, personally, Marvel could best take advantage of a milti-layered title like "Heroes For Hire". They could showcase series regulars like Misty Knight, Colleen Wing, Iron Fist and Luke Cage (currently popular characters/titles), and later on bring in other characters, or even restructure the cast to their choosing, all while STILL maintaining continuity! I was originally on the Moon Knight series bandwagon back when they hinted at the possibility a few years ago, but since NBC has basically copied that character to a tee with the upcoming "The Cape", I think HFH is the way to go. ;-)

nemonoid: Just copy the street level Alias/Cage/Iron Fist/Daredevil stuff Bendis was doing a couple years ago.

azgold5476: Daredevil or Punisher...although I'm leaning more towards Daredevil...would be cool in a Law & Order format...half courtroom drama & half superhero action...

bc_scrubs: Heroes for Hire would be my vote as well. Done along a similar line to Burn Notice and could have some auxiliary characters, like Moon Knight, brought in to help out on specific jobs for which their talents are suited

Christopher: I'm really torn between Rom and Heroes for Hire. Rom was amazing and would be a great as a strait up adventure show. Like Battlestar Galactica but with more action and less sappy/crappy romance subplots. I don't care if Rom has a human form or not, just that he's going around taking out Dire Wraiths. The odd superhero can guest star too since the Wraiths are such a plight on the Marvel U. In all honesty though, Heroes for Hire would lend itself to TV better. I could see it as an ensemble focusing on Luke Cage and Danny Rand, and expanding to include Misty Knight, Coleen Wing and other lesser known Marvel Characters. I imagine it would be like Angel, with the Heroes battling some new foe every week, sometimes having their origins create a conflict. This could lead to story arcs along side threats posed by major villains. It would be fantastic. The leads wouldn't really need costumes either, I'm sure audiences would buy the Heroes in plainclothes, maybe lamp shading costumes (Danny wearing his ceremonial mask while facing Steel Serpent, and Cage's infamous tiara...)

king zombie: this is a prevoius comment: A HEROS FOR HIRE tv show centering on Colleen Wing and Misty Knight as a Cagney and Lacey team of investigators (Burn Notice meets X-Files). The show could have four episode story arc that brings in one "lesser known" Marvel hero guest star, ala, Smallville. (think Shang -Chi, Forge, Brother Voo-Doo, Kingpin,Tombstone) and guest flashes of the more reality based big names. MoonKnight, Dr.Strange, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, She-Hulk and Electra, and why not...Manthing.

@actionherobrad: gotta go with Punisher...I just feel like it would work well and would have to depend on CGI (which is done poorly on shows).

@savagehenrylee: Cloak & Dagger is the comic Marvel needs to make a TV series! And soon!

make-believer: I have always thought that just as Garth Ennis's Preacher would work better as a series so would his Punisher, his Max series had so much more actual believability to it. So i think it would get non comics people to get into it without complaints of overly impossible ideas plus Castle has always been one of those inbetween story characters were other marvel faces tend to accidentally fall into his path.

john@themovies: Me, I voted for Spider-Man for 2 reasons. First, the movie rights still belong to Sony? A television series could be a way to do something with their most popular character. Second, Marvel used Spidey to introduce some new characters to their readers. Spidey should help to introduce lesser known heroes to the viewer and start their own series. That way the series could have the same universe with cameos of Daredevil, Hulk, Punisher, ect.. No alone standing series, but a whole universal entire Marvel TV. It's a tactic that Marvel used in the past for the comics (Think Daredevil intoduced in the 1960's before his own run)!

Fletch: If you have a Disney budget, why not go for Doctor Strange? If you take it slow and use the origin story Strange as a doctor who loses use of his hands, drawing out his quest to learn the mystical arts, it could make for really great television. There could be a ton of visually and dramatic globetrotting juxtaposed with character development over time. Punisher though? Do we need another show where a vigilante goes around shooting people based on their brand of justice? That is a third of the shows on television. I think Daredevil could be interesting though.