Andrew Garfield Is 'Obsessed' With Spider-Man, Hasn't Tried On A Costume (Yet)

"Spider-Man" is swinging back into theaters in 2012, and just in case you've been off the grid for the last year, there will be a new face under the mask this time around. Pegged to the role back in July, actor Andrew Garfield will portray a teenage Peter Parker in director Marc Webb's upcoming "Spider-Man" reboot.

When Garfield dropped by MTV HQ to discuss his new film "Never Let Me Go" (a powerful adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro's award-winning novel), I made sure to pick his brain a bit about everyone's favorite wall-crawler. He couldn't say much about the role at this point, but he did share some thoughts about where he's at with "Spider-Man" these days and what the character means to him.

"Nah, that's just another role, man," laughed Garfield when I asked if he was ready for all of the attention he's likely to receive as the new face of the Marvel hero.

Asked whether he'd tried on a Spider-Man suit at any point thus far, Garfield said, "No, it's all in the very early stages."

The actor, who will also appear in David Fincher's upcoming film "The Social Network," opened up a bit when I asked him if he's enjoying the prospect of "researching" his role as the new Spider-Man.

"Absolutely," he smiled. "I've always been obsessed with that comic and that character and that symbol and everything he stands for."

"I think he's an important figure of mythology for every skinny young boy across the world, myself included," he added. "Yeah, it's a dream come true."

"Spider-Man" is scheduled to swing into theaters in 2012.

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