Joe Quesada Talks Marvel TV, Says A Live-Action Series Is 'Absolutely On The Table'

Back in June, the creation of a new department within Marvel Entertainment dedicated to development of television properties had everyone speculating about the company's plans for the small screen.

During this year's Comic-Con in San Diego, I sat down with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada to discuss those plans, and find out whether this means we'll be seeing some live-action Marvel projects in the TV world to accompany their already established animated series.

"We have a strategy at Marvel — nothing we're really ready to talk about," Quesada told MTV News. "What I can talk about is that it's a brave new world for Marvel. Now that we've been purchased by Disney, we're part of the Disney family. Our strength, our leverage is that much more."

"Disney's an international, worldwide company, and Marvel's well on its way to becoming that as well," he continued. "Marvel does things that Disney's has trouble doing — which is attracting a male audience. That's really our bailiwick, and not so much for Disney. Where they're very strong in girls, we're very strong in boys. It’s a perfect marriage."

First announced in August 2009, the purchase of Marvel by Walt Disney Company was one of the biggest stories of the year, with many wondering how it would affect the future of Spider-Man, Wolverine, and the rest of Marvel's characters in various formats.

We had some fun suggesting potential Marvel/Disney crossovers and mash-ups of Marvel and Disney characters, and heard from such notables as Stan Lee (who later had a stake of his own company purchased by Disney) and Kevin Smith. There was also some question as to whether we saw our first casualty of the Marvel/Disney deal, too.

Thus far, however, many of the most dire predictions failed to materialize, and it's appeared (on the outside, at least) to be business as usual with Marvel's growth and expansion in markets like the television world.

"For Marvel, the benefits are amazing as well," said Quesada. "We didn't have a television network, and now we do. We're part of ABC, ABC Family, and ABC Studios, and Disney XD. We're part of a bigger family. This opens us up to so many, many incredible ideas and creators that want to work with us, not just in comics or animation or film, but now also in television."

"We're talking to some people, we have some great ideas, [and] we want to make sure that whatever we come out with first, whatever we decide to come out with first, is explosive and just has everyone smiling from ear to ear and saying that is quintessentially Marvel," he said.

While Quesada wouldn't hint at what that might be, he did insist that a live-action television project is "absolutely on the table."

"Anything and everything is on the table," he said. "We're thinking about every possibility for Marvel. The one thing about Marvel is that, it while may seem like we do a lot of things by the seat of our pants, we're a very methodical company — we think about things very thoroughly and no decision is made in a vacuum."

"So all of the this stuff will be handled very carefully, and then we'll make it seem like it comes out of the seat of our pants," he laughed.

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