EXCLUSIVE: 'Hack/Slash' To Get The Illustrated Film Treatment - Here's A Preview!

The fate of a live-action "Hack/Slash" movie might be a little uncertain right now (though the project reportedly snagged a new writer late last year), but Cassie Hack will make the jump to the animated world next year with an "illustrated film" based on Tim Seeley's comic book series.

Produced by Halo-8 Entertainment, the "Hack/Slash" illustrated film (it's not a "motion comic," I'm told) will be adapted and directed by award-winning filmmaker Matt Pizzolo, who previously produced Halo-8's popular "GodKiller" illustrated film. Halo-8 has provided Splash Page readers with the first peek at the "Hack/Slash" film, courtesy of a short teaser...

According to Halo-8, the "Hack/Slash" film will be based on the "My First Maniac" story arc published by Image Comics.

For those who aren't familiar with "Hack/Slash," the series follows the daughter of a murderer who decides not to follow in her mother's bloody footsteps, and instead makes it her mission to hunt down serial killers. She's accompanied by her massive, brutish partner, Vlad.

Previously, Halo-8 announced plans for "Black Sky," a comic and illustrated film created by "Welcome to Hoxford" creator (and "30 Days of Night" co-creator) Ben Templesmith. We debuted a trio of images from "Black Sky" here on Splash Page back in July. Halo-8 plans to release "Hack/Slash" on DVD in 2011 alongside the previously announced illustrated film based on Seeley's "Loaded Bible" comic.

"I'm happy to have my two babies in the same crib, with a unique 'Hack/Slash' and 'Loaded Bible' double feature," said Seeley. "Viewers can get their horror and sacrilege in the same lovin' spoonful."

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