'Spider-Man' Musical To Feature Carnage And Sinister Six, Says Director

The "Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark" musical made a debut of sorts this morning on "Good Morning America" with the cast and creators presenting a performance of one of the show's songs (we'll have video and photos up shortly), but that wasn't all the news that came out of today's event.

MTV News caught up with "Turn Off the Dark" director Julie Taymor to discuss the production's story arc and cast of characters from Spidey's universe. The celebrated director revealed the general arc of the first two acts of the show, and name-dropped some of the villains that will make up its "Sinister Six/Seven." Brace yourselves, Spidey fans...

"We do have the origin story," Taymor told MTV News, but added that the musical will indeed put its own spin on the character's history and universe.

"In writing with Glen Berger, the playwright, we've tried to craft something that's a little different than what you're used to," she added. "Our Doctor Osborn is more of a conglomerate of Doc Ock [and] of Osborn — he's not a businessman."

"He's a real scientist, who's a real southerner — he believes he's going to help combat the world as it is, environmental disasters," she continued. "He believes that he has to prepare people, so he's creating through DNA transfers and this and that, the ability for humans to protect themselves when the tides rise and global warming. It's very current. It's very very now, even though we do blend periods."

Taymor went on to explain how Green Goblin (played by Patrick Page) and other members of Spidey's rogues gallery play a major role in the second act. And that is where things get... interesting... for fans of Spidey's comic book and movie history.

"When he turns into Goblin, it's a very different Goblin," she said. "Then we have this thing in Act Two, where Spider-Man's powers keep rising and rising and you meet what we call 'The Sinister Six/Seven.' We have Kraven, Carnage, Lizard, a new one we've created, Swiss Miss."

Yes, that's right — Carnage will make an appearance in the musical. Who would've guessed that the psychotic symbiote would make his live-action debut on a Broadway stage instead of a movie screen, eh?

"Then there's another aspect that we're not getting into, which is a whole story twist that will be out of the bag soon I'm sure," teased Taymor. "But for the moment we want people to know the story is still about this struggle for Peter Parker to balance being a regular guy a regular boy with all of his foibles, his love. his humor, and what do you do when you've been given this unbelievable gift, this power? How do you use it?"

Well, I'm guessing the answer to that last question is "With great responsibility" — but we'll have to wait until the musical debuts in a few months to find out for sure.

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