Josh Brolin Is Not Proud Of 'Jonah Hex'

We knew to temper our expectations for "Jonah Hex" when star Josh Brolin began hyping its "absurdist tone," but let me be honest here for a sec: it's currently sitting somewhere alongside "Catwoman" and "Elektra" in my list of some of the worst comic book movies ever made. The horse-mounted gatling gun gives it an edge over the other two films, but only a slight edge.

And while I know I'm not alone in having some negative feelings about the film, it's vindicating to know that even the film's star struggled to find something positive to say about the project.

"Now that I don't have to promote it? . . . No," said Brolin when asked if he was proud of "Jonah Hex."

"We had an original intention and that got away from us a little bit," he explained. "Everybody did do their best to try and create the best movie with what we had, but I think it got so derailed at a certain point that the assemblage of what we could use was so disconnected to what our original intention was that it just got mixed up."

Brolin confessed that his feelings about the film made it difficult to promote the finished product — and he even expressed his concerns to the studio's marketing department prior to the press tour. In the end, however, he said he found a positive angle.

"That's what I told the marketing people at Warner Bros. I said, 'I can't lie about this, so I have to look for a truism that I can go with," he said. "I do think that if you go in there kind of like with 'Piranha 3-D' — when you go to see that movie you go, 'This is ridiculous and this is fun' — so if you went into 'Jonah Hex' with that, I think you had a good time."

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